Take Time To Explore Darwin Australia


Darwin is the tropical capital of Australia’s Northern Territory. The fine city sits on the edge of the Timor Sea, and the capital is regarded as the Australian gateway to South Eastern Asian countries like East Timor and Indonesia. Visit the tropical city in the summer months (November –February) and the temperature may be scorching. The extreme heat is often accompanied by heavy rain and Darwin’s “wet season” runs from November through until April. Tourists who want to avoid the excessive heat and rain should book their visit any time from May through until September. Darwin Australia is a wonderful place to explore and the vibrant city has a lot to offer.  Let’s talk about some of the major tourist attractions in Darwin.

Why should you visit Darwin?

Sun-seekers should make a point of visiting Mindil Beach. Visit Darwin Australia in the dry season and head for the ever popular Mindil Beach market. The sunset markets are held twice weekly and the stall-holders offer local arts and crafts, international cuisine and entertainment.  Enjoy a picnic at Lake Alexander; the man-made lake is famed for its bike tracks and safe beach area. Youngsters will love to explore the large Lake Alexander Playground.

Culture vultures will be keen to visit Parliament House in Darwin. Tourists are welcome to sit outside on Speakers Green to enjoy their picnic lunch. Government House in Darwin city is another interesting building, the large construction is the official residence of the Administrator of the Northern Territory and it was built around 1870. Darwin is home to a superb art gallery and museum and the Darwin Art Gallery houses an incredible collection of Aboriginal art. The Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory is located in the inner-suburb of Fannie Bay.

Darwin Australia is home to the Marrara Stadium. The sports ground was constructed in the early 1990s and Australian cricket and football games are regularly played there. The Darwin Entertainment Center is another popular tourist destination. This magnificent center hosts concerts and orchestral performances. Tourists who want to take in a show or see some of the well-known faces of popular music should see who’s playing at the entertainment center in Darwin.

Visitors who have spent the day sight-seeing may enjoy a night-out at Darwin’s one and only casino. Skycity is a hotel, a restaurant and a casino rolled into one and many tourists enjoy an evening playing blackjack or roulette.

Places to Eat in Darwin Australia

Anyone who dines in Darwin will have plenty of eateries to choose from. Darwin is full of good restaurants, cafes, pubs and takeaways. Visit Darwin and enjoy sampling foods from various cultures. The city offers Japanese, Greek, Italian, Thai and French cuisine and the more adventurous tourists like to sample local delicacies like Emu pate or Kangaroo tails. Many visitors to the region enjoy dining AL fresco and the tropical climate lends itself to outdoor eating. Step inside a silver service restaurant in Darwin and you can expect to pay much more for a meal. However, many restaurants and cafes in Darwin offer good family meals at reasonable prices. Tourists who visit the Harry Chan Arcade or the Smith Street Mall will be able to buy a very affordable meal.

Places to Drink in Darwin Australia

There are plenty of good coffee shops in Darwin and many of Darwin’s best cafes are often packed out. Darwin is filled with clubs, pubs and bars and Mitchell Street is regarded as the area that offers good night-life. Enjoy a quiet drink in one of the small pubs in Darwin city or dance the night away in one of the great nightclubs. Darwin nightlife caters for all age groups and popular drinking destinations include themed bars, wine bars, Irish bars, and pubs with pool tables, live music and poker machines.

Camping Facilities in Darwin Australia

There are plenty of caravan parks and campgrounds in Darwin and the camping facilities are good. Many of Darwin’s holiday parks offer a vast range of self-catering accommodation that includes open-plan units, villas and cabins. The majority of campsites in Darwin have an area where campers can pitch tents or park their own camper vans. Campers in Darwin are invited to make use of large BBQ and picnic areas. A vast number of the large holiday tourist parks in Darwin have great facilities and the majority of holiday parks have large swimming pools.

Darwin has something For Everyone

Darwin Australia caters for people of all ages. Younger people can camp and enjoy a night out at one of the city’s great nightclubs, and parents and children can make the most of the sights and shopping facilities in Darwin. Those who prefer a luxury holiday can book-in at one of Darwin’s luxurious hotels and just enjoy being pampered.

Simple Camping Points To Consider For The Ultimate Camping Fun

If you own a dog breed that loves involving physical activities it can be inherently known end up being adventurous, you could have a great time during the team. If your dog accompanies you in camping, you should act responsibly by packing necessary stuff not only for you, but also for your pet animal. Here are a handful of pointers to consider before camping with your own canine friend — eCampervanHire.

And you have to come back to the comfort factor. What’s better than sleeping on an actual mattress under the roof…under the stars? Quickly could keep best of both worlds, I would use a great canvas tent and bring a really worth! I’m afraid I would miss the sounds within the crickets as well as the frogs singing me to sleep, but I would not miss weight loss program ground or the airbeds that deflate right.

Bring games and toys, especially when you’re traveling you can easily. A game of Frisbee or football is really a fun solution for a day. Bring your fishing rods and canoes for fun on drinking water. Do not forget to bring binoculars having a camera for hikes and nature walks. You may want to bring art supplies and books in the instance of inclement weather. For nature walks, insect and plant guide books are usually lightweight which will help you identify wildlife and belongings in nature, Australia camper van rental companies listed and reviewed.

Biking: Put your bikes in issues carrier for you to leave to be able to advantage of this fun and healthy family activity. Although your babies are still too young to ride for those biking trails, you could still bring their bikes and let them peddle at the campground for your fun hobby. It is to be able to find spaces where tricycles and big wheel bikes can attach.

The food you’ll take also established the accommodation you are usually having and the area of your camp. Your meal in order to be planned some time before you have set out for the trip quit unpleasant conferences. It is best which bring canned and unhealthy foods with you so essential to have be concerned about ways to cook them, that they’ll spoil or they’ll spill. If you wish to put cold drinks in the camp ground then many carry a freezer box where you can place your drinks and meat for barbecue.

If severe weather is predicted for your camping area, and can certainly schedule your journey another time, then offer a lending product. There is nothing worse than being limited to your tent or slopping around in the mud for several days.

Older children can enjoy freedom on the camping trip that isn’t always possible at family home. With that freedom, comes the responsibility to find out the environment and any possible slimming down. All of this contributes to children’s maturity.